Spin the Wheel: Old Testament

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About Spin the Wheel: Old Testament

The Old Testament is the first book of the Bible. It tells the story of God's plan for humanity from the creation of the world to their redemption. This quiz on that book will test your knowledge about this important part of scripture. This is a game you can play with someone else or with yourself. To start, spin the wheel and answer as many questions about the Old Testament as you can. When you're done, check your score against theirs! 1) What type of tree was Adam made from? 2) Who is God's favorite son? 3) What are four types of beasts in the garden? 4) How many people were taken in Noah's ark? 5) Which Hebrew word means "I am"? 6) Why did Eve eat fruit from a tree in the Garden? 7) What should we use when pouring water on our heads? 8) Who did Jesus say would be on His right hand and left hand

Spin the Wheel Old Testament is a educational word game that will help you learn about the Old Testament. Spin the Wheel Old Testament is an arcade-style word game that contains all of the stories from Genesis - Malachi. The player rolls a die, and each number corresponds with one of the five verses listed at the top of the wheel. The player then spins the wheel, and reads out loud in whichever verse they land on. There are multiple levels of difficulty which are controlled by how many words per verse you have to read out loud, as well as how many words there are in each verse. This game would be ideal for groups of two or more people to play! The Wheel’s Story: Once there was a man who wished for something out of his reach; he wished for it so much that he lost sight of what he had already got. He decided to spin his own wheels and see where they led

Did you know there are more than 40,000 words in the bible? Did you also know that each word has a meaning and purpose? It is not an easy task to remember all these words. That is why we have created our quiz game: Spin The Wheel Old Testament. With this game, you will learn about the meanings of a word, as well as how it can help you live out your faith. Our game will give you the opportunity to work on your vocabulary and your knowledge of the bible. You might find yourself playing this game for hours on

How to play Spin the Wheel: Old Testament

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump

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